Background to our Project

We have been inspired by the research of Professor Donald Leu, from the University of Connecticut, and Assistant Professor Julie Coiro, from the University of Rhode Island to extend our knowledge and understanding of the areas of New Literacies and Online Reading Comprehension.  This blog is dedicated these outstanding educators who generously shared their wisdom with us during our visit to the USA in April, 2012.

This is a year long project which is divided into three stages. During Term 1 the focus of the project was on teaching Reciprocal Teaching using offline texts so that students thoroughly understood how to adopt specific roles within a group to learn together when reading an unfamilar text.

The second stage of the project focuses on adapting Reciprocal Teaching roles for use with online reading strategies.  This stage of the process will focus on teaching specific online reading comprehension strategies drawn from the TICA Phase II checklist.

Pilot Teaching Project – Stage 1 completed.

Semester   One Semester   Two 
Term   1 Term   2 Term   3 Term   4
Young Hearts Be Free(Adolescent identity)


Who Will Buy?(advertising) Let’s Talk About Love(love poetry, Romeo and Juliet)


To Infinity and Beyond(science fiction)
COMPLETEDStage 1: Assessment of offline   and online comprehension.

Reciprocal reading using   offline texts.

IN   PROGRESSStage 2: Explicit teaching of   Online reading comprehension – to locate, critically evaluate, synthesize and   communicate information using online tools.


PLANNEDStage 3: Independent online   reading investigation – paired online task.

Assessment of offline and   online comprehension,

Wide reading: adolescent fiction


Wide reading: romance, science   fiction



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